Phoenixdeco has maintained and sustained its vast eclectic array of clients by gathering some of the best individuals (pure, raw talent) to work together yet independently to produce these creatures of art. With two locations, both the Rose Palace and Rosemont Pavilion are able to house the quantity of floats constructed annually. There is a working force in place, unique to any other industry. Respect for everyone involved stems from good leadership, management style and superior dialogue with each and everyone participating in the process.

Chris Lofthouse | President/CEO

Chris has unsurpassed knowledge of every element of the Rose Parade float construction and decorating business. He has been the pioneer of cutting edge technology, hydraulics, animatronics, computer systems association and mobile technology application bewildering many.

Chris is directly involved in client presentations, recommendations, execution development and oversees the building of each float. He influences his employees and clients with clear honesty and communication where feedback permits effectiveness.

PDC has also been known to build floats for other distinctive events: Coca Cola 100th Anniversary Celebration, Orange Bowl Parade, Kentucky Derby Festival, Indianapolis 500 Festival Parade, and National Day Celebration in Singapore.


Lyn Lofthouse | COO/Floral Director

Lyn has been with PDC for over 30 years – that’s a good marriage. Having an exceptional eye for detail and scrutinizing over every floral and dry material imagined; Lyn orchestrates the usage and application of products to appeal to the senses of sight, smell, touch, hear and humor when permitted.

Lyn is the floriculturist who researches, selects and orders all products. Needed to cover every inch of each float the company builds. Well established systems and procedures created for the Art Department, Floral Designers, and Crew Chiefs ensure all decorating materials and fresh flowers are being allocated correctly.


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