Why did you start this service?

Ezbayan was founded back in 2013 with one purpose:

  • Help kids have fun understanding all 10,000+ words in the Qur’an.

All of the core members in Ezbayan have young children still in elementary school or about to start school. And living in the U.S., we see our kids struggle to learn the various Arabic Quranic sciences in English: hifz (memorization), qiraa (reading), tajweed (correct pronunciation), nahw (grammar) and mufradaat (vocabulary). The constant complaint we hear from these kids is that learning it, while they understand it’s important, they constantly say ‘it’s sooooo boring!” or “it’s not fun!”.


And we all know that kids learn fastest when they enjoy something. As an experiment, we tested teaching Quranic vocabulary using a quiz-like format with LOTS of pictures and gold nuggets as a reward for learning a new word. Surprisingly enough, both the kids and even native, Arabic speaking parents found this style of teaching 1,400 year-old Arabic fun. While we were hoping kids would learn at least 2-3 words a day, five times a week, we were surprised to see kids whizzing through all the levels and learning over 30 words a day!!

They were trying to accumulate as much virtual gold as possible which they hoped to redeem. Remember, a child learning Quranic vocabulary would pick up maybe ten words a week (assuming he has perfect memory and doesn’t forget over time). Studying ten months of the year, even to a rudimentary level, all 10,000+ words in the Qur’an?


And this is where Ezbayan comes in. Kids spend a LOT of time playing games on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) and laptops. What happens if learning Arabic vocabulary was as fun as playing with Angry Birds or some other game app? You would essentially be giving your children one of the best gifts you could give to your children. The gift of understanding every single word and phrase in the Qur’an.


We would love to hear your feed. Please feel free to send your suggestions or complaints to us at info@ezbayan.com or via our online form (here).


Where are you located?

Our main office is in Redmond, Washington (U.S.) while our development office is in Karachi, Pakistan.

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